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Tensor Ring Pyramid, Cone Generator, Copper Charger

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A Tensor Ring is an infinite Prana, Qi, Chi, Life force energy source, healing all life forms on Earth. Tensor Technology works as an Energy Medicine and can help transform all the negative results in your life into positive – sickness into well-being, lack into abundance, stress into peace of mind, and failing relationships into healthy, strong bonds.

Take a look at this energy activation powerhouse! This unique Tensor Ring Pyramid or Tensor Cone Generator is constructed of 5 different Cubit Lengths:

½ SACRED | ROYAL CUBIT - 144,000 Hz (144 MHz)
½ EMPOWERMENT | NEW CUBIT - 188,000 Hz (188 MHz)
½ SACRED | ROYAL CUBIT - 144,000 Hz (144 MHz)

½ LOST CUBIT - 177,000 Hz (177 MHz)
½ EMPOWERMENT | NEW CUBIT - 188,000 Hz (188 MHz)

Tensor Rings aren't attached or glued to the frame of the cone construct. Each side length is equivalent to the Sacred Cubit length of 44,000 Hz (144 MHz)Separately these rings have their own impact on physical and spiritual levels.

The Sacred or Royal Cubit rings have an impact on three-dimensional (physical) conditions. Their length carries specific frequencies or wavelengths that embody a spiritual code providing resonance with a desired spiritual quality. It is a pure energy field that holds and transmits 144,000 Hz (144 MHz) of light over a distance.

Lost Cubit rings appear to operate at the metaphysical level. It vibrates at 177,000 Hz (177 MHz) and because of its ability to resonate with Earth and Cosmic energy frequency, Lost Cubit is known for its work on Quantum DNA Healing.

Empowerment Cubit vibrates at 188,000 Hz (188 MHz) and supports people on the spiritual plane. Empowerment Cubit is useful for people who have the ability to reflect and be self-aware.

There are no limits to what can be done with these tools. We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use this Tensor Ring Pyramid, so here are some common benefits:

🪶Brightens up the auric field
🪶Opens energy channel to cosmic frequencies
🪶Harmonizes chakras system
🪶Improves reiki healing and meditative state
🪶Allows receiving Quantum DNA Healing
🪶Increases the amount of energy in the cells of the body
🪶Improves the functioning of the digestive system
🪶Improves overall mood
🪶Supercharge and cleanse crystals
🪶Purifies and enhances the flavor of food & water
🪶This Tensor Cone Generator can be used as a meditation tool by placing it on your head while meditating. Separately Tensor Rings are also great addition to any energy healing practice or ceremony.
🪶Absolutely perfect for charging crystals, jewelry, manifestation notes, candles, herbs or essential oils.
🪶Place your food or drinks inside the cone before consuming, to infuse it with light energy.

This is a HANDMADE item. Any imperfections will sometimes occur. Copper patina occurs as a result of copper's exposure to air and moisture. It will never affect the energy of the item.


Copper wire

Dimensions & Weight

Bottom diameter 4.7" | ⌀120 mm
Thickness of a wire 0.2" | 0,5 cm
Weight 7oz | 200g



Over time, copper becomes tarnished. Oxidation occurs as a result of copper's exposure to air and moisture. It develops what is known as copper ‘patina’. The patina acts as a barrier protecting the copper underneath against corrosion.

Luckily, you can restore your copper's shine naturally using an ingredient you likely already have in your kitchen!


Place the entire copper object into the cup with vinegar. Leave it until you begin to see the tarnish falling away from the copper.
You may see it begin to work immediately! Add more vinegar as needed. Repeat until the object is at desired level of shine.

For a less messy approach, soak a clean cloth in vinegar and use it to scrub an object.


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Customer Reviews

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What an amazing Tensor Ring Pyramid. The Energy was amazing when I opened the package one of Balance and Peace. Each Piece was hot to the touch as I removed them from the package. You can tell the great craftsmanship in each item as you hold them. All pieces made of Top-Quality Materials. Packing for shipping was outstanding. Labai Aciu for the Pocket Amulet it too had an amazing energy. Linksmu Kaledos id Linksmu Nuyu Matu. This is an amazing Shop and Product!!!!!!!!


Super powerful tensor ring pyramid, love it!!!


Love this.......Use it daily..... for myself and my clients.