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Tensor Ring Pendant 177 MHz Lost Cubit

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A Tensor Ring is an infinite Prana, Qi, Chi, Life force energy source, healing all life forms on Earth. Tensor Technology works as an Energy Medicine and can help transform all the negative results in your life into positive results – sickness into well-being, lack into abundance, stress into peace of mind, and failing relationships into healthy, strong bonds.

Tensor Technology is known for its use in physical and spiritual healing, aura clearing, chakras balancing, negativity and limiting beliefs removing, pain-relieving, water energizing and charging, plant growth stimulating and much more. 
Tensor Rings are able to stabilize the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body and protect all life forms from harmful 5G and EMF radiation.

To the clairvoyant people, the Tensor Rings appear to emit a coherent holographic light field which increases the vibrational frequency of any nearby energy, clearing the environment and your personal energy field. All Tensor Rings have the unique property of generating a harmonious toroidal field around them and raising consciousness. 


Based on the mathematical theory discovered by Hans Becker and Slim Spurling.
Lost Cubit vibrates at 177,000 Hz (177 MHz) and because of its ability to resonate with Earth and Cosmic energy frequency, Lost Cubit is known for its work on Quantum DNA Healing.

177 MHz Lost Cubit Tensor Ring has a horizontal energy field. No matter how is positioned the energy flows from the center of the ring to the sides. That's why it's more powerful for dog owners, dog lovers and dogs.

We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use this Tensor Ring Pendant, so here are some common benefits:

🪶 Works on emotional and etheric bodies
🪶 Works best on the 3rd, 4th and 6th chakras
🪶 Represents elements of Earth and Æther
🪶 Works well against irritation, depression, anxiety
🪶 Promotes calming and soothing emotional effect
🪶 Helps to reduce pain and tension when placed on body
🪶 Helps to bring balance in life
🪶 Reduces stress and improves sleep quality
🪶 Increases ability to solve problems easier
🪶 Increases meditative state (perfect to meditate with)
🪶 Balances feminine and masculine energies
🪶 Neutralizes the negative effects of EMF radiation
🪶 Works well with the Sacred and Empowerment Cubits

This is a HANDMADE pendant. Any imperfections, bubbles and copper oxidation will sometimes occur. Oxidation occurs as a result of copper's exposure to air and moisture. It will never affect the energy of the item.


Copper wire
Cotton waxed cord

Dimensions & Weight

Diameter 2" | ⌀52 mm
Thickness 0.2" | 0,5 cm
Weight 0.5oz | 14g



Over time, copper becomes tarnished. Oxidation occurs as a result of copper's exposure to air and moisture. It develops what is known as copper ‘patina’. The patina acts as a barrier protecting the copper underneath against corrosion.

Luckily, you can restore your copper's shine naturally using an ingredient you likely already have in your kitchen!


Place the entire copper object into the cup with vinegar. Leave it until you begin to see the tarnish falling away from the copper.
You may see it begin to work immediately! Add more vinegar as needed. Repeat until the object is at desired level of shine.

For a less messy approach, soak a clean cloth in vinegar and use it to scrub an object.


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Customer Reviews

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I received this pendant on the day I was having one of those days where it feels everybody woke up to annoy you. I put it on, and felt the instant peace of wearing it. I truly felt the anger subside.

Let’s talk quality. I absolutely love how it looks and feels. I wear it inside my shirt and love the literal “coolness” on my chest when i wear it. Worth the $$.

Recommend? Absolutely.