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Lakhovsky Disc Magnet, MWO Radionics Antenna, EMF protection, Scalar Wave Harmonization ji

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This Lakhovsky Coil magnet is great to use on a fridge or on the back of a car. Can be used as a symbol for neutralizing negative energies, protecting against negative scenarios in life.

The concept behind Lakhovsky antennas is that each cell in the human body has its own resonant frequency, and these frequencies can be disrupted by various factors such as disease, stress or exposure to harmful frequencies from technology.

By exposing the body to the specific frequencies emitted by the Lakhovsky antennas, it is believed that these frequencies can help rebalance the body's own frequencies.


• Diameter ⌀10 cm | ⌀3.93 in
• Thickness 0,5 mm | 0.196 in
• Waterproof
• Shiny surface coating
• Pulling force of 22g/cm2

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I love them so much

They are the most beautiful creations beside the wonderfull cymatic creations.

I would also love to receive the golden and the green one. Could you produce it please? But it's okay, i am so happy with that what i have

Best wishes,

Boris Marceglia

Great items at great price with a free shipping to my country.The seller is one of the best I have ever dealt with: professional, very communicative and willing to help. 5 stars. Thank you!